Day 27 as a NASA JPL intern on the Psyche Mission

Joan Marie
Jul 8, 2021

I’m finally caught up to what has been probably one of the best days of my internship. Today I got to actually visit campus and got the chance to see in it all of its magical glory. Some key highlights were visting the:

  1. Mars Yard
  2. Mission Control Center AKA Center of the Universe
  4. Highbay 2 which literally had the actual Psyche Spacecraft (got a little star struck tbh)
  5. Higbay 1 which I believe contained the Mars Rover and a bunch of iconic spacecrafts

I wish I could share the pics but unfortunately cannot.

Today definitely reinspired me to keep learning and doing the best job I possibly could. Thank you to my awesome group supervisor, Arby :D.



Joan Marie

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